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PRE-ORDER - Blowin' Raspberries - Glass Tongue (Pendant Only)

PRE-ORDER - Blowin' Raspberries - Glass Tongue (Pendant Only)

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Blowin' raspberries to all the haters like 😜 Like a real tongue, no two are alike!*

Beautifully sculpted glass tongue pendant. Using traditional lamp-working techniques to make this "cheeky" fun piece! 

These tiny sculptures serve as contemporary talismans. A reminder to use your voice to speak truth to power! Talismans are worn as a form of self-expression; Modern-day talismans are often chosen with a sense of personal agency and intention - They can serve as tools for self-reflection, motivation, and connection to one's values.

PRE-ORDER - all orders will be shipped May 2024!

Size Details*:

Tiny - 11mm (l) x 7mm (w), 2mm (d)
Small -
16mm (l) x 6mm (w), 3mm (d)
Med -
18mm (l) x 8mm (w), 5mm (d)
Large - 
25mm (l) x 9mm (w), 3mm (d)
Extra Large - 30mm (l) x 9mm (w), 8mm (d)
Transparent -
15mm (l) x 7mm (w), 3mm (d)

COE 104 Soft Glass

Add your own personal style, by putting it on a chain! Model is seen wearing hers as a chocker on a 16 inch cable chain. FABULOUS!

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