Waysted Studio is a wellness and lifestyle brand passionately committed to self care and body autonomy, through the form of waistbeads, wearable art and all-natural apothecary goods. Join in on celebrating our whimsical immersion into the world of a #blackgirlmagic.

Created by Ghanaian-American artist Jasmine Anokye, Waysted Studio is more than waistbeads and wearable art, it is a lifestyle brand - a movement that serves to empower and inspire womankind to embrace their bodies and celebrate themselves.

Self-care is more than just a buzzword or an excuse to self-indulge; it’s a tool of active resistance!


Jasmine Anokye aka BZARBLACKSTAR is a multidisciplinary Ghanaian-American artist. A professional daydreamer and child at heart, her work is powered by imagination and whimsy – often a compilation of mixed media elements she collects or creates. For Anokye, imagination is the ability to see the invisible, hear the inaudible, and feel the unbearable, allowing her to breathe life into her work. She sees art as a dialogue between thoughts, texture, color and experience. As a storyteller she uses her work as a visual language to depict strength, inner beauty and soft power.

Jasmine lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with her grey Tabby cat Figgaro. Her work has been featured in the group show SHE INSPIRES curated by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Space, as well as local galleries in Brooklyn.

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Each piece of ethically sourced jewelry is made-to-order using upcycled materials, reclaimed gemstones and handmade lampwork glass beads. Additionally, our apothecary collection is rooted in providing eco-conscious beauty products made with natural shea butter, essential oils and other raw ingredients.

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At the core, Waysted Studio exists as a global catalyst for radical self-love that revolutionizes the way we see and interact with each other as individuals and as a community. For many people, black women in particular, who struggle with their mental health, taking care of themselves is still a political act.

“As I grow older and strive to persevere like my ancestors and role models, I realized how much pressure it is to live in a constant state of survival mode. It was important to pause and reflect on the historical trauma in my community and heal instead of striving to be a superwoman. People grow up learning to cope rather than acquiring the tools to heal and take care of themselves. Through my research and passion, I aim to educate my community while sharing a bit of my culture and art.

Through Waysted Studio I hope to spark joy and inspire women globally to “happy themselves”. Wellness allows you to heal through holistic practices. Holistic practices present an opportunity to trust yourself, and for the environment to pour back into the human body and psyche. I want to encourage my customers to build confidence within themselves by celebrating their bodies, mind and femininity.” - JASMINE ANOKYE