Meet the artist

WAYSTED STUDIO is the lovechild of Jasmine Anokye. As a Ghanaian - American artist and designer, Jasmine incorporates her culture into every aspect of her aesthetic ~ funky contemporary tribal vibes ~

As an artist I explore social and cultural issues.  I seek to deconstruct matters involving sexuality, feminism and Ghanaian culture through the mediums of collage, sculpture and wearable art. Color theory is the foundation of most of my works.

 Waysted Studio is an artistic lifestyle brand specializing in waistbeads, wearable art and body products - passionately committed to self-care and sexual autonomy.

 Waist Beads are single strands of beads made from glass, crystal, and wooden beads worn around the waist and stomach. This is an ancient tradition originating in Africa, worn to express femininity, healing, protection, rights of passage and intimacy.

 These adornments are worn beautifully by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages as they encourage so much self-love, confidence, and body positivity.

 In African culture, the “self” is not separate from the world, it is united and intermingled with the natural and social environment. I would love for the opportunity to share my culture and art with you all.” - @bzarblackstar